Every day a person breathes in 10,000 to 20,000 liters of air, which is equal to 40 to 80 bathtubs. Even if one does not smoke, serious air pollution increases the chance of getting cancer. In the face of serious air pollution, how can we prevent it? According to experts, the only way to protect yourself is to “wear a mask”. However, wearing a mask is not a simple matter of protection. It also depends on what kind of mask you wear!

The highest-grade “N95” mask can effectively prevent respiratory damage, because it is mainly used to filter aerosols and is suitable in cases of severe air pollution.Nevertheless, according to experts, because of the high density of this type of mask, you will find it difficult to breathe after a long time wearing it.

(pic from 3M official website)

Apart from the“N95”mask,  do we have other choices to against air pollution?  As the doctor answers, we may put on a general “surgical mask.” In addition to the tiny particles, the surgical mask can withstand about 70% of the poison in the air. To minimize the health effect, we should also move quickly to the next destination.

(photo by Abby Wu)

In recent years, we have witnessed a decline in the number of smokers in Taiwan, but there are still tens of thousands of people suffering from lung adenocarcinoma. Among them, more and more women are suffering from lung cancer, and the number is almost equal to the number of men. According to the report, more than 4,000 women died of lung cancer in a year. Besides smoking habit, serious air pollution also increases death threats. To protect ourselves more efficiently, try reducing outdoor activities, stay indoors and shut the windows to prevent poisons.

(Editor:Abby Wu / Translator : Wendy Feng / Reference from 《自由電子報》)

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