ZAP got 118 patents from the United States Patent Office. ZAP can eliminate air pollution approach to zero, which can save 100,000 USA people's lives and protect tens of million USA people from disease and virus infection.

A26 sensor

  • Size—small (It’s easy to install on the socket)
  • Time—detect pollutants every 3-5 secs
  • USB—plug, and play
  • Portable—plug on power bank (record personal air pollution data) link to the closest cleaning machine and adjust the airflow automatically


  • Detect air pollution automatically

  • Automatically adjust airflow to clean

  • CADR 1000/ 500 (circulating air purifier)

  • Cost less money

  • Eliminate moldy smell

  • Get rid of chemical odor

  • UVC sterilization

  • Wi-Fi connection stable / remote control

  • Low-speed operation is quiet

  • Clean the source of pollution before it spreads, so that the user can suck less air pollution


  • User friendly— remote control

  • Automatic control
  • PM1 / PM2.5/ PM10 / VOC/ eCO2/Temperature/Humidity historical record
  • Display when to change the filter

ZAP Smart Router

  • Fast connection with multiple frequency bands.

  • Extremely small, fast, and stable.

  • Simultaneous connection of multiple devices.

  • The heat sink extends the life of the host.

  • APP can easily complete the operate