Life Essentials
As global awareness of air quality is awakening, AQI (Air Quality Index) has become important information for everyone. Nevertheless, for better healthcare, an air quality monitor providing instant statistics is more essential instead of an average number of AQI on screens. Mobile Nose is here to make things happen. Not only can it provide accurate air indicators, but also it can record the data for the entire life.

Mobile Nose
The tiny, portable air quality monitor that integrates personalization, mobility, proactive detection, lifetime record, data analysis, and social platform features altogether! With the innovative application of “Micro Pump”- the patented core technology of ADDWII, the product is officially launched.

Mobile Nose takes a personal, lifelong record at anytime and anywhere. It provides immediate TVOC information as well as PM2.5, eCO2, temperature and humidity values. What’s more, with the ADDWII APP, the information which has been uploaded to the cloud can be recorded and reached easily.


ADDWII Mobile Nose - Record a healthy life for Anyone, Anytime, and Anywhere



The device and the data is as personal as your phone. Our product emphasizes small-ranged, immediate indoor and outdoor air quality detection for individuals. 

Compared with fixed-point monitoring devices, Mobile Nose is highly flexible in carrying and moving.

Proactive Detection
With a number of patents around the world, the core technology “Micro Pump” unlocks the possibility to imitate the human nose during detection process.

  • Lifetime Record
    The Mobile Nose  preserves users’ air quality data in each second onto the cloud. Furthermore, medical researchers may refer related air quality data for personal healthcare.

    Cloud Storage
    You can enjoy unlimited space for data storage. The big data recorded by Mobile Nose can be used for medical purpose while personal information is not disclosed. 

    Each user of Mobile Nose is an important player in building an air quality ecosystem. Experience is welcomed to be shared on social media platforms and the app.