Need clean air? An aloe vera plant is better than 9 air purifiers

Opening windows gives PM2.5 the chance to enter your room, but keep the windows closed may keep the fresh air out, too. In fact, according to one of the NASA’s studies, indoor plants have the function of air purification, which can reduce pollutants in the indoor air by more than 60%.


  1. Aloe

According to experts, a pot of aloe is better than 9 air purifiers. Put a pot of aloe in a room under 24-hour light irradiation, the plant can remove 90% of the formaldehyde in the air. Moreover, it can eliminate harmful microorganisms and absorb dust in the air.


  1. Chlorophytum comosum (Spider plant)

Studies have confirmed that placing a pot of spider plants in a room can absorb 95% of carbon monoxide and 85% of formaldehyde in the air within 24 hours. In addition, Chlorophyll can also decompose benzene and absorb harmful substances such as nicotine in cigarette smoke.


  1. Ivy

Ivy is the most effective indoor plant for reducing formaldehyde. Ivy does not require much light to live, it’s a typical shade vine. It can be placed in a newly renovated house or in a dark room, just be aware that its leaves are poisonous and should be placed as far as the children can’t reach.

  1. Pothos Vine

Pothos Vine has strong ability to reduce harmful substances. It can help improve the air quality in rooms that do not often open windows. It can also eliminate formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the air.



We’ve all heard of that cactus can absorb electromagnetic radiation. In fact, it is also a natural air purifier, which can effectively reduce formaldehyde, ether, carbon dioxide and other harmful substances in the air. When it absorbs carbon dioxide, it produces oxygen, which increases the concentration of negative ions in the indoor air.

(Editor:Abby Wu / Reference from《Live in the Now》)

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