The secret in the air that makes you exhausted in the office

Do you often feel exhausted and sleepy at work? Be careful that the indoor air pollution might have exceeded the limit! When the indoor carbon dioxide concentration rises to 3,000 to 4,000ppm, it is a serious level of air pollution which can lead to dizziness and chest distress. Let’s see what air pollutants are hiding in your office and how to avoid it.


  1. With the office doors open and close, PM2.5 enters along the gap from outside and attach to clothes of people.
  2. TVOC from office desks and chairs, wooden floors, and even papers. When you are close to these items, be careful of these wooden materials or adhesives on the surface of chairs and tables.
  3. The ink in a printer emits contaminated indoor air at high temperatures, which not only stimulates the respiratory tract but also causes dry skin and folliculitis.
  4. If unpurified tap water or mineral water is used instead of distilled water for the use of an air humidifier, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water will be separated out and form particles, which may increase respiratory problems.


How to reduce indoor air pollutants

  1. Green plants

Put some green plants on your seat to protect your eyes. Radiation protection can also suppress dirty air!


  1. Proper printer placement

Place printers at a distance of at least 1 meter away from people.


  1. Timely maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation equipment

Check if the air conditioning and ventilation equipment needs maintenance, or place air purification equipment in the office.

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