[User Experience] Fine ventilation condition is not equal to fine air quality

There is nothing than a stuffy place for gathering with friends that ruins the mood most. Luckily, for Ming Huang, the situation didn’t happen to her.

Last weekend she was arranged for the seat in the basement, but the air wasn’t being humid and uncomfortable at all.

Being curious how the air quality down in the basement was? Ming Huang took out the Mobile Nose for a test immediately as she arrived at the restaurant.

The indoor eCO2 value climbed to 712 ppm, and the PM2.5 reached a moderate value. The values didn’t go over the standard, and the air quality was addressed as normal.


According to experts, ventilation is an important factor affecting indoor air quality. People have the impression that the air quality in a ventilated environment is better, but these two factors may not as related to each other as we assumed. It is important to pay attention to how fresh the air you breathe in no matter where and when, as the truth may always surprise you.

(Editor:Abby Wu / Experience from Ming Huang )

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