ZAPClean Room

Pursuing Clean Air is our commitment

The greatest love for family is to bring a Clean Room into your house

Five Features

No Pollution


Save Energy


Easy Installation

Benchmark for future clean rooms.

ZAPClean Room is the first clean room in the world with the goal of “saving lives”.The ZAPClean Room is designed to bring indoor air pollution to approach zero and prevent lungs from being harmed by PM2.5 and other air pollution.To create a comfortable, clean and healthy indoor environment for “human body”.

The world's first company was founded ZAPClean Room Curve


ZAPClean Room and ZAP Curve have applied for a total of 1,220 innovation patents.

ZAPClean Room is applicable for

New & Old Building

House              Offices
Hotel                Gym
School             Kindergarten
Restaurant    Nursing Home
Hospital           Postpartum care  center

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