ZAPClean Room​

What is ZAPClean Room?

ZAPClean Room is the world’s first zero-approach indoor cleaning system, designed with the goal of promoting people’s health. While Clean Rooms are commonly utilized in various industrial environments, they are typically designed to meet industrial manufacturing needs rather than prioritizing human health. 

We at ADDWII Technology believe that the protection of the human body should extend beyond the chip manufacturing environment. The environment equipped with ZAPClean Room is the only one capable of protecting the lungs, respiratory system, and overall health of individuals.

The common air purification equipments can not detect the air pollution in every corner, automatically adjust the air speed, nor can immediately eliminate the source of pollution.

Now <MicroJet Technology and ADDWII Technology> have developed the intelligent ZAPClean Room and created the first specification designed for people in the world.

ZAPClean Room Demo Room

We have build a ZAPClean Room Demo Room in our Taipei Tucheng District office. Below are the SGS test results.

MICROJET TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is the manufacturer of ZAPClean Room.

We created a space with near-zero indoor air pollution in Tucheng, New Taipei City.

2669.250 square feet | 26 ASC01 | 13 MF02 | 60 People 
The following values are real-time values.

PM 2.5
-- μg/m3
PM 10
-- μg/m3
-- ppm
-- °F
-- %



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