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What is ZAPClean Room?

ZAP = Zero Approach Platform

Traditional clean rooms are primarily used in precision industries’ processes to avoid airborne particles and contamination affecting product quality.

ZAPClean Room is the world’s first clean room designed with the goal of “saving lives.” It aims to bring indoor air pollution approach to zero, preventing lung damage from air pollutants like PM2.5. It creates a comfortable, ultra-clean, and healthy indoor environment with no burden on the human body.

ZAPClean Room is the first product in the world to introduce a hospital-like clean room into homes, offices, schools, and government institutions.

Addwii/MicroJet is the global leading company that invented the ZAPClean Room system. Over the past few years, it has been dedicated to developing systems that provide air quality similar to hospital clean rooms, in response to the White House and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “Building Clean Air Challenge.” The ZAPClean Room development team has invested 10 years and 2 billion dollars into its research and has applied for 1,220 patents globally, 80% of which are invention patents.

Compared to old clean room technology, ZAPClean Room employs more advanced technology, including sensors, AIOT, as well as big data and cloud computing.

We created a space with near-zero indoor air in Tucheng, New Taipei City.
|2669.250 square feet|10 ZS1|6ZP1|
The following values are real-time values.

PM 2.5
-- μg/m3
PM 10
-- μg/m3
-- ppm
-- °F
-- %



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